Split Shaft Conversions - unique to Carburetor Rescue, and how they can make
your car run better

Installation - how to get your car running with your newly restored carburetors.  
This includes a link to an excerpt from Duane Spencers
356 Performance Guide
and Jack Staggs

Setting your float levels/ adjusting injection with pump rod -
How to lower (or raise) your float level, and how to use your
pump rod to reduce fuel injection

parts diagrams  - Solex single and dual barrel.  Please note we only use
                           the solid shaft solex diagram numbers for parts orders.  
                           Use the split shaft diagram only for those parts unique to
                           that carburetor.

Workshop manual - pages from the 356 Workshop manual about Solex
carburetors and the fuel system

Throttle Body - how to set up the hardware, shim the shafts, and set the
Butterflies on your throttle body service. Check this out if you are thinking about
doing your own carburetor set up!

Solex Pricing - All prices shown on the Pricing Page are for restoration of
carburetors only, all prices are PLUS any parts that need to be repaired or
replaced beyond a standard restoration

Single barrel specifics - Link will take you to a
page showing different single barrel carburetors.

The presence of a starter enrichment assembly
make the difference between the different era
single barrel carbs.  
Shown above is a picture of a pair of 32PBJ
showing the separate throttle body (32PBIC is a
single casting) and the starter enrichment system.
The other photo is a pair of 40 single barrels with
out starter enrichment.  The letter "P" means this
carburetor includes a  pump.
Solex Carburetor Information
We restore a number of different Solex carburetors for early Porsches:
32 and 40 single barrel,
Short and Tall sandcast for the Carrera
40PII-4 Solid and Split shaft

you can refer to our price list
here or give us a call for details.