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Solex diagram -
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Duane Spencer had been kind enough to allow us to use excerpts  from his book
"Porsche 356, Performance Guide", to augment these instructions.  Please use
this link to be collected to Duane's information about setting the accelerator
pump and the idle. you can also link
here to Jack Stagg's article on carburetor
balance and engine tuning.
This information is provided here for your reference, and will also be included
with your newly restored carbs.  All restored carburetors have had their float
levels and injection set, as well as been synchronized for air flow.  Most find
them to be "bolt and go" with only minor adjustments of the volume control
screws.  Should you find you need more than this simple adjustment please
CALL US FIRST. It is easier to diagnose a situation if we know the starting
point.                          Thank you.
how to adjust float