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Solex  Prices

Restoration prices here are STARTING prices, and include a certain amount of
work.  Sometimes carburetors have additional problems not covered by the
basic restoration service.  Any repairs or replacements necessary beyond that
will be extra.  Evaluation and quotation is made before work begins.  The
prices are for
RESTORATION WORK ONLY, and do not cover core costs.  If a
set of cores is not received prior to restoration work, there will be a core
charge.  On receipt of cores, that charge will be refunded in full or part,
depending on condition of cores.

We reserve the right to refuse a restoration project / accept cores depending
on condition of cores

we charge applicable sales tax in the state of Arizona

On receipt, carbs are disassembled and evaluated, and a quote is given.   Other
problems, like bad jets or injectors won't be discovered until assembly and set up.  
Once quote is accepted,  carbs will be cleaned chemical and mechanically.  All jets
are cleaned, as is the hardware.  Hardware is sent out for plating.  Jets are sized.  
Mating surfaces on the carburetors are flattened for tight gasket fit when
re-assembled.  New bushings are installed, and throats are bored slightly oversized
to ensure smooth even air flow.  Butterflies are cut to fit, and polished.  Carburetors
are assembled with new gaskets, matched jets, new float needle valves, new
shafts.  Hardware is attached, butterflies are set and staked. Float levels and
injection are set, and carbs are tested on the flow bench so that throats are
All prices per pair

Solex 40PII-4 Solid shaft                       $1650           
Solex 40PII-4 Split shaft                         
   Throttle body only, solid                    $655    
    Throttle body only, split                     
Short and Tall Sandcast                                        $1980   
Solex 32PBIC                                                            
Solex 32PBJ                                                             $990
40 PICB/PBIC/PCIB                                                 $1430

 Call for pricing on custom services or more information           
Prices subject to change, please confirm at  time of order. Prices do not include
shipping costs

$200 deposit requested for orders placed with no cores

Payment must be made within 60 days of order completion, or carbs revert to
inventory and deposit will be lost.

We accept credit cards, checks, cash, money orders, or will take additional cores
for credit
contact us for more information.

Inquire for any  items not mentioned, we are always developing new sources.  
Manifolds, air cleaners, etc are available on a periodic basis.

We welcome your inquiries and your business
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Call John at 619 224-3566 for technical information and installation instructions

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