Parts Diagrams
The following "exploded" views of parts diagrams are from Workshop manuals.   They can be helpful if
you are rebuilding / restoring your own carburetors, want to make sure your carburetors are complete, or
need to order parts. Please use the  numbers from these diagrams to make sure we are all talking about
the same item.  These are the parts diagrams we will always refer to.  Diagrams below are for Zenith
32NDIX, Solex split and solid shaft, 32 and 40 PICB/PCIB.

There is also a diagram for setting up your carburetors to your fuel system for both Solex and Zenith.

             Click on the diagram to enlarge them in your window. Print them out for your reference.
Zenith 32NDIX
Solex 40PII-4 Solid Shaft
Solex 40PII-4 Split Shaft
Solex 40PBIC
Solex 40PICB
Solex 32PICB / PCIB
Carburetor Set up:
Zenith 32NDIX
Solex 40PII-4
When ordering parts for Solex, dual barrel carburetors, please use the parts numbers shown for
the Solid Shaft carburetors.  They share most of the same parts with the split shaft and this
allows us to keep an easier inventory system.  If you are ordering for split shafts, just call us.  
We have new shafts available for the splits, but the attaching bracket is only available as a used
part.  That is why we are encouraging all to use the conversion system we developed rather
than restoring their carbs as split shafts.