About your Porsche Fuel System -
These are copies of pages from a Porsche Workshop Manual Supplement for Zenith carburetors. This
information  applies to all Porsches using the Zenith 32 NDIX carburetor. If you don't have a copy of the
manual you will find this information helpful when installing, tuning, or trouble
-shooting your carbs.

There are a number of other issues to consider before having your carburetors restored:  
 Do you have a fuel filter?  The "stuff" from the bottom of your old gas tank may be clogging
passageways or jets, resulting in intermittent performance.  And that will continue with your restored
  Check your fuel pump pressure.  This is particularly important with the Zeniths
  VERY IMPORTANT, check your distributor!  Timing, most importantly, consistency of timing,  to making
sure your engine is performing correctly.  Petronix is not a help with a six volt system, but may
improver your timing in a 12 volt system.
  linkage connected properly, from the fuel pedal to the carburetor.
  Valves, rockers, pistons, all functioning well

Click on the specific page for an enlargement. You can always print the page out if you need to.

Do you have the right carburetor set up for your engine?  check these
specifications to find out what is
correct for your original engine.

"Exploded" parts diagrams of the carburetors are available
here, so you can see what parts may, or may
not, be missing, need to be replaced, or are broken. Those diagrams will also help you in ordering parts
if you want to repair or rebuild your carburetors yourself.  Most of all, these diagrams are essential in
making sure all parts are re-installed in the correct order.
Suggested tools -

The Porsche manual suggests the
Unisyn tool. Many owners find the
Synchrometer easier to use -
Stoddard, as well as other Porsche
parts suppliers offer the
Trouble-shooting the
fuel pump
Work-shop manual:
Fuel Pump pages
Removing and
troubleshooting your