Zenith float level
The Zenith float level guage tool is very difficult to find, and while
we are trying to get one reproduced, here is how to do it without
the guage.

You will need a screwdriver, calipers and a bit of patience.

Remove top, remove pump from top, replace top on carb. Pull
distributor wire, so engine doesn't start, and turn over engine till
carb is full. Remove top again and measure with the calipers the
distance from the top of the carb body to the point when the caliper
end touches the fuel.

This measurement should be 18.5-19.5mm.

To adjust, use shims under the needle valve. Just remember there
is a 4:1 ratio, 0.25mm shim will lower fuel by 1mm.

When you get the correct level, put back together and you're ready
to go.
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