Warranty Limitations:

  • Warranty does not extend to incorrect  installation or application of
    the carburetor.  
  • This warranty does not apply to defects created by misuse,
    negligence,  collisions or other unreasonable use including, but not
    limited to, improper installation or application of the product.
  • External problems that affect carburetor performance are not
    covered by this warranty.    Problems such as, but not limited to,  
    poor distributor function, improper fuel pressure, compression
    problems,  malfunctioning linkage, or other engine issues, will not
    be addressed with a carburetor restoration.   Carburetors damaged
    by such external problems will be considered mis-use, and will not
    be covered by the warranty.
356 Carburetor Rescue must be informed immediately of any problems
arising with the use of the this carburetor.  Failure to do so, or
continued use in the face of such problems, will void the warranty
  • 356 Carburetor Rescue assumes no liability and will not pay for
    labor, damage, rental car, hotel, towing and /or any other ancillary
    costs arising from the use of the carburetor.
  • Any tamper seals found to be broken will void the warranty.   
  • All warranty repair work must be done by 356 Carburetor Rescue.  
    Carburetors should be properly packed for shipping.  Carburetors
    damaged in shipping are not the responsibility of 356 Carburetor
    Rescue.  We ship all packages insured unless otherwise requested.
  • Opening of the carburetor by someone other than 356 Carburetor
    Rescue, unless with the consent of 356 CR,  will void the warranty.
  • Returned carburetors found to be contaminated with rust, dirt,
    varnish, and/or any other types of contamination will automatically
    void the warranty.  
356 Carburetor Rescue does not warranty that the carburetor, in and of
itself,  will qualify a  vehicle to pass emission requirements.
Due to the age of the vehicles these carburetors are typically installed
on we recommend the use of gas filters.
Our Warranty
Thank you for choosing 356 Carburetor Rescue for your carburetor
Many of our customers have discovered new found
performance with our carburetors.   We expect that you will to.

Note, we are using the term Carburetors in this warranty, but applies to
our fuel pump and distributor restoration work also

More than restoration, these carburetors have been completely
remanufactured to ensure you a pair of excellent carburetors that can be
mounted on your engine and operate smoothly with minor adjustments.  
Should there be any problems what so ever, please call us immediately
so we can work with you, or your mechanic, to make things right.  Please
read the terms of our Warranty so there will be no misunderstandings.

356 Carburetor Rescue is proud of the quality of our restoration work, and
we stand behind it doing what ever we can in the event of problems with
our work.  We're all working with old parts, and despite all efforts,
sometimes there are problems.  If we cannot get a restored set of carbs up
and running, we replace them.

Carburetors requiring warranty work must be returned directly to 356
Carburetor Rescue.   356 Carburetor Rescue, at their discretion, may elect
to replace, repair or issue refund for,  the unit under warranty.   Customers
should obtain advanced authorization to return a carburetor for warranty

When shipping carburetors, please be sure to pack them carefully.  The  
USPS flat rate boxes have proven themselves well suited; the medium box
for Zenith and the large box for Solex.
Regardless of what method you use, be sure the carburetors are secure in
the box, and well cushioned. Many parts, like throttle arms and levers can
be easily damaged.  We cannot assume responsibility for any parts or body
damage from improper packing

356 Carburetor Rescue  offers a limited  warranty against remanufacturing
defects and workmanship.  All parts are inspected and refurbished before
they are included with the rebuild but Carburetor Rescue cannot be
responsible for their service life.

This warranty applies only to the vehicle on which the carburetor is
originally installed.