We now test Zenith carburetor sets on a test engine.  This is the only way to be sure that the
fuel pumps in the carbs are working together, and adequately.  As noted elsewhere, the cavity
where the pump sits can become larger over time and the pump will not sit correctly for proper
performance. We will work as long as necessary, replacing the pump multiple times, until we
get a pair that work synchronistically.  Sometimes its okay first try, sometimes not.  We're
finding a light sanding of the leather skirt helps the pump fit better.

Carbs have been known to be on the test engine for a couple of weeks.  When these carbs get
to your car though, they may still need some fine tuning as  our engine is not your engine.

This ability is courtesy of a Test Engine stand developed by
Zalex Industries, which allows us to
have a running engine outside of a car.  We can check and balance your carbs in actual use,
rather than just on a flow bench.

We are currently only bench setting the Solex which is proving to be acceptable over 99% of
the time, but we are working on building a test engine for the Solex also to improve that
accuracy level.