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Call John at 619 224-3566 for technical information and installation instructions

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356 Carburetor Rescue is not affiliated with and/or endorsed in any way by
PCNA or Dr.Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG.
While we try to buy American made whenever possible, some of our items
are made in Europe, or we have the metric grade metal sourced from
Europe - such as for the butterflies (throttle plates)

Every year the list of items we have made increases.  The shafts, the pump
cams, , pump levers, distributor parts, and more are all made in local
machine shops.  Other items we make in house, like pump links, doing pot
metal repairs, and welding of throttle levers.

.        Rebuild kits for the fuel pumps are sourced by the manufacturer.  

Our rebuild kits,  for Porsche carburetors,  are a mix of European, and
American made parts.  We are taking the best of what we have  found for
use in our restorations, and assembling them together for you to use in your
maintenance rebuilds.   Find out more about the rebuild kits

We have recently started shipping with open cell foam packaging and are
having fewer issues. If you have any comments or feedback on our packing
technique we'd like to hear them.  

We ship via USPS priority mail, which we've found to be better for us than
either UPS or FedEx. We also ship insured, meaning a signature is
required on receipt.   If you have another preference, let us know.  

Having a full machine shop means we can do quite a bit of custom
machining of carburetors for high performance applications - reboring
throats and venturis particularly.

Our Zenith carburetors are all engine tested, and Jim is building up an
engine specifically for the Solex so we can add that to our program.  Right
now, all Solex are bench set up, but if there is a problem, we can engine test
them to trouble shoot.
Misc. notes
Further to that, we do not trouble shoot carburetors when they come in.  All carbs are fully
disassembled, cleaned and gone through thoroughly in the restoration process. We do not just worry
about this problem or that one.

We are selling some parts:  Solex jets, individual gaskets and seals, Needle valves, springs.  Solex
floats are NLA, but we do have Zenith floats available.  Zenith jets are all restored and re-used.  We
haven't found anyone selling original style new jets.  There is a source in Italy for them, but they are not
original style if you really must have new jets. You will find him on Ebay.

If you have any other questions or queries, please call us at 928-204-0507 or email us at
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