356 Carburetor Rescue Rebuild Kits

An often neglected practice, rebuilds of your carburetors should be considered
as  much of a necessary maintenance chore as oil changes.  While gaskets are
good, and will last many years, they dry out and lose their effectiveness if your
car is off the road for a length of time.  The little o-rings on your pump jets or
around the  jet cover of your Zenith have the same problem.

Keeping your carburetors clean and the gaskets refreshed will help you identify
problems before they become major.  Fuel leaks are especially dangerous as
they equal FIRE!

BY THE WAY, when that jet cover starts to leak DO NOT just tighten it down a
bit more.  This serves to pull out the bolt threads, an expensive repair, and
ultimately bends the jet cover causing it to leak even more

We are offering our own Rebuild kits specific for Porsches.  While the Walker kits
and the Royze kits have been the only choice for many years, they are generic
kits, designed to cover ALL Solex and Zenith carburetor useages.

Using the same products we use in our Restoration work, our rebuild kits will be
specific for Porsches only.  They will include good European made needle
valves.  Gaskets are both European and American made.  

Some specific notes in reference to our kits:

With the exception of the banjo bolts, we do not use
fiber washers.  We find
them to prone to disintegration with modern fuels, and/or cracking as they
dry out.  Depending on where and how they have been used, we've seen
parts end up in the fuel system.  So we use copper or aluminum.  Some of
our aluminum gaskets are custom made for our purpose.  If you prefer a fiber
gasket for a specific part, please let us know, we may have them.

accelerator pumps in Zenith.   The leather skirt on these pumps needs to swell, as
it absorbs gasoline, so it sits in the pump well properly.  The new pumps use
a different leather than the original, and it is made in a different way.  Sometimes
there is a bit of a lip on the skirt that might need to be sanded off.  This is a trial
and error process, one we do with our own restorations.

Volume control screws for Solex.  These are made on a special swiss screw
machine (solid shaft). The phenolic ones are now NLA, the ones we have made
are brass.  Split shaft have different screws than solids.  So none are in the
rebuild kits.  If you need replacements, we do have them available.

July 9 2020 right now we do not have enough parts to make up rebuild kits.  Our
European sources are scrambling to get their production back up and meet demand.