price increase
We've held this off as long as we could.  

Since our last price increase every one of our suppliers has
increased their prices to us at least twice, and sometimes
three times.  Whether its for the metal we use to make the
butterflies, the service that cuts the blanks from that metal.  
The metal for the bushings, the cost of having the basic
bushing blanks made.  The cost of making the shafts, the
jets, the needle valves, the gaskets, the foam packing
material we're now using for more secure shipping, even
the packing tape as well as  the shipping costs themselves
lets not forget our accountants increasing her rates
increases in utilities


the raises to our workers.

We keep being told that the inflation rate is low, but obviously no one is
using the real world to calculate those figures!!!

Effective March 1, 2018

an average 5% increase in our
pricing will take place