price increase
We've held this off as long as we could,
Effective March 1, 2018 pricing

Since our last price increase every one
of our suppliers has increased their
prices to us at least twice, and
sometimes three times.  A
nd we've
tried to treat our employees right with
good wages.

We keep being told that the inflation rate is low,
but obviously no one is using the real world to
calculate those figures!!!
New Pricing schedule effective 3/1/18
(call for details or see appropriate web page)
restorations for the following start at:
all carburetor prices per set
Zenith 32NDIX                                   $940
throttle body only                                 $310
Solex 40PII4, sold shaft                                   $1570
split shaft                                                         $ 1655
Throttle body only      $625/$710
Tall and short sandcast                               $1885
32PBIC               $835
32PBJ                 $940
40 PBIC/PCIB                         $1360

40PI (911)                $1860 / 2500 / 3600

Pierberg fuel pumps  $290 / $205
Autopulse fuel pumps single/double     $415/1155

Distributors 356/912            $350
911                                       $475