Distributor Restoration starts at $385, plus if parts or repairs beyond a standard restoration are
necessary.  Core charges apply if no cores are received.  Please call John Jenkins at 619 - 224-3566
or email him at jenkins356@sbcglobal.net

Distributor specifications for 356

1950 - 1955  -  
early 4 cam engines would have used 2

1956 to August 1957 - the BR9, used with single barrel Solex.  

September 1957 - August 1963 - the BR18.  This use of this distributor corresponds to the change
over to the Zenith 32NDIX, and the earliest of these we've seen is 9/59

September 1963 to 1967 - the 022.  The exact date for this change over is not printed, but is
mentioned in a Porsche bulletin.

Later 912, with split shaft carburetors,  were usually fitted with a vacuum advance distributor, the
061,  that many people converted to regular mechanical advance in later years.  .

In general, restoration includes: Terminal kit, shim kit, point set, condenser, condenser bracket, clip
set, new original spec springs, new damping plate, cleaning, testing with Sun model 404 Distributor
machine (Distributor curve documentation is supplied), assembly, and adjustment for correct advance

This list may vary slightly dependent on which carburetor is involved.  Please call John directly for
detailed and accurate quotation 619-224-3566

John has begun work on select 911 distributors. contact him at 619 - 224-3566 for
more information.  $475

"It looks more new than when it was new!"  

This is the comment one of our customers made when he received his restored distributor.  Among
the parts we provide for distributor restoration, include,  new OEM type damping plate, several
custom springs for the BR18 and 022 as well as custom springs for the 383, BR8, and BR9. Nickel
plated points mounting plate, cadmium plated hardware and Parkerized distributor cap clips.
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