Cores: definition and evaluation

the prices quoted through this web site,  reflect the cost of  a basic
restoration only, whether we are talking about carburetors, distributors
or fuel pumps.  This is not the price to buy the device, but restoration,
including a certain number of parts and a certain amount of labor and

Core charge for Solex 40PII-4 is $750 a pair
single barrel carbs will vary

Originals of these devices are no longer being produced, so we rely on the
cores for the parts to either restore client carbs, or to replace "swapped" cores.
If cores are not supplied, we have to buy those carburetors for the restoration.
Free enterprise allows you to sell your cores on the open market for the
highest price, even if higher than our core charge BUT, when you do so, you
make it that much harder for the next person to get a set of carburetors!

There are certain pieces that we are either having made, or make in house,  
like shafts, pump links, pump rods, aluminum washers, springs, certain nuts,
etc..  Everything else has to come from the core carburetors, sometimes
requiring repair, like worn throttle levers or thread repair on bodies.  We of
course purchase kit parts and needle valves.  

And that is why we ask for "like for like" cores.  Your cores let us
make a set of carbs for someone else.  We reserve the right to refuse
a set of cores for restoration or for trade in depending on their
condition - we've seen some awful carburetors that have been burnt
to a crisp that the client swore were "complete".

When we evaluate your carburetors; whether for restoration of your carbs, or
as core exchange, we look at all aspects of the carburetor. In what condition
are your throttle levers.  Are all the lockwashers there.  Are all the top screws
correct - do some have to be supplied, replaced, and do we need to do thread
repair on the body so it will hold the replacement correct screw. Are the
emulsion tubes there. What condition are the jets and what sizes are they.  
any plugs missing or loose. what is the condition of the top, has the air filter
worn through.  what about the fuel inlet threads.  what is the overall condition
of the casting itself.  There are over 200 individual pieces with each set of
carburetors and they all have to be evaluated.

It may seem like we're nit-picking, but when you get your carbs back they will
be complete.  And if we have had to supply lock washers, do body repairs,
re-place incorrect jets, repair a damaged pump link, all this takes time, and the
parts have to be supplied from somewhere!

Our price is based on the cost for restoration and does not include
the basic core carburetors and its assorted hardware / parts.

What is included in your restoration is the complete disassembly of your
carburetors, along with this evaluation.  As much as it is done to give you
quote for the work, it is so we know what parts we need to supply, what
repairs we need to make.  The carburetors and all the related hardware are
cleaned.  Brass is cleaned chemically. Steel hardware is media blasted to
remove rust, dirt, and old plating and will be sent out for replating. Pot metal is
cleaned chemically as well as media blasted to remove stains.  All the interior
channels are cleared.  Top and bottom mating surfaces are flattened.  screw
heads and jets are ground to remove screw driver splinters, threads are
chased, jets are sized to be sure all the openings are evenly matched, on
Solex we add new throttle bushings, rebore throats, cut new butterflies
(assembled with new pump cam, and new
shafts), and all is installed and assembled with new kits. then injection, float
levels are set, and air flow is synchronized.  

With the split shaft conversion we are also including the new bushings, shaft,
pump cam and spring, pump rod, springs, nuts.  

On zenith, we replace shafts if necessary. We have had new shafts custom
made for Zenith restoration work.  THEY ARE NOT CHEAP!
 Made from
Stainless Steel rather than the original chrome plated brass, they will not
wear or bend like the original shafts would. But at $8
5 each, they add
substantially to the cost of a restoration, so we only replace where and when
New butterflies are cut and installed.  the carbs are assembled
with new kits and set up is done on our running test engine.  This can take a
day or a week dependent on getting matched pumps, and other factors.

Core charge for Zenith 32NDIX is $600 a pair

Special note regarding Zenith 32 NDIX Super and C carburetors:
Due to a limited availability of original Super and C carburetors and their parts,
any  purchases of these carbs without a like for like core exchange will receive
proper jetting and venturis in a P03 (Normal) body.  

This includes:
re-machined and marked venturis (24 to 28mm),
main jets converted and marked from 115 to 130
idle jets appropriately converted and marked
main air correction jets from 230 to 220 or 210 as is appropriate
idle air bleed (air correction) jets 120 to 140
pump jets from 50's to 40's

When Normal carburetors are supplied as cores, there is  a charge
for the extra labor to adapt the normal jets and venturis to Super and
C specs

If no cores are received, PO3 bodies with appropriate set up will be supplied,
and the core charge will apply

If P02 (Super) or P01.9 (C's) carburetors are received in core exchange,
appropriate P02 or P01.9 bodied carburetors will be supplied.

As always, please call us with any questions or concerns

Thank you for letting 356 Carburetor Rescue help you make your car
run better!

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