Zeniths have a long history with 356 Porsche, from the late ‘57 - 65, A’s - C’s.
The 32 NDIX is also a good choice for high performance single & dual carb VW
Type 1 applications.

Over the 45 plus years of a 356’s life, the carburetor may actually get the least
attention of all.  Eventually, a rebuild is no longer enough, and the engine may be run
for years suffering from poor acceleration, uneven idle, bad gas mileage, and overall
bad performance. Or maybe just get replaced with a Weber or Dellorto carburetor.  

Why does this happen?  

After many years of use, the carburetors are coated with deposits that can cause
floats to stick, clog jets and prevent even fuel-air mixtures in a variety of ways.  
Butterflies no longer close properly. Even with new gaskets, there may not be a good
seal because the mating surfaces have become distorted from over tightening the
screws.  Screws may become stripped at the fuel intake port and leak. Jets may be
scored, or oversized from being reamed out with improper tools.  Maybe some
small, but necessary, hardware has been lost.  These are just a few of the problems
that can cause carburetors to malfunction.

Our remanufacture process addresses these issues and more.

We start with completely disassembling the carburetors.  All parts are checked for
Repair, Replacement or Restoration. All good hardware is stripped and sent
out for replating. The body parts are chemically cleaned through a two stage
process.  The body parts are media blasted to remove any sharp edges, coatings or
deposits that may remain. Our media is so fine as to give an almost  “polished”
finish to the carburetor.  Then we resurface the carb body to ensure a good tight seal
when re-assembled.

The throttle body is hand finished to give it a “like new” appearance.  We do not
paint our throttle bodies, but give them a black finish like the original.   New
butterflies are made and installed.

Jets are checked for proper sizing, and the entire unit is re-assembled using new
gaskets and replacing any parts that were missing. Carburetors are finished to
factory specifications, with injectors and floats set accordingly.  At customer’s
request, jets and settings will be set according to your specific driving requirement.

All carburetors are remanufactured as standard stock, for stock engines. Let us
know if you have a modified cam, pistons, big bore kit, or special driving conditions
so can give you an accurate quotation and supply the best carburetors for your

Ask for information about converting your 32NDIX to 34 or 36mm configuration for
your high power or racing needs.

Current lead time on a pair of carburetors is about 6 weeks.  This gives adequate
time to ensure the work meets the highest standards.
Installation instructions are
also included with our carburetors.

Contact us about whether we have the 32NDIX Carburetors in stock to meet your
needs; or to get more
information about having your original carbs brought to “like
new” standards.  

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Thank you for your interest in our products
Remember well tuned and well adjusted carburetors
can give you better gas mileage and lower your fuel
For information about jetting and ethanol based fuels,
see the installation instructions.

Just twp ways, we can help you make your car run

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            Zenith 32NDIX Super and C carburetors
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